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Exploring Delhi by means of public transport!

Public transport plays a crucial role for any city and when we talk of India, public transport indeed is the lifeline of commuters who depend on various modes of transport to reach to their workplaces, homes, schools etc.

When travelling in the capital city of India; Delhi, you must try out the different means of commutation and explore the city in the traditional manner as the locals here do. Booking cheap flights to Delhi is quite easy and once you are here, you can rely upon the local transport options that are ideal for travelling along the busy roads of the capital.
So here let us check out what all options can you use to travel the city. 
Bus Transport
It is among the cheapest ways of travelling in Delhi. Most of the buses are governed by Delhi Transport Service (DTC). Most people prefer travelling by buses owing to which they are often crowded. However, the coming of air-conditioned buses has changed the scenario to quite an extent. As you book the cheap flights to Delhi, look for the bus service and do take a ride once. 
Local train service in the city serve as another affordable mode of transportation! You can board both inter and intra state trains from major junctions like Pragati Maidan, Shakur, Hazrat Nizamuddin and many more. 
The taxi service is quite comfortable but is very expensive form of transport. However, for the travelers it can come as a handy option. As you book for the cheap flights to Delhi, you can even book the taxis for further travelling in the city.
Metro trains have contributed a lot in making the travel less troublesome for the locals. It’s quite affordable and the services too are great. You can even travel via metro trains and explore the city to the fullest. 
Every mode of transport comes with a difference and once here, you must experience each and understand how it works!
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