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Top 10 Places in Nepal

Nepal - A beautiful country

Nepal situated in Southern Asia roughly from 26° to 30° latitude, and lying between the 80-degree and 88-degree meridians. Nepal is landlocked between the Tibet autonomous region of China and Indian states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal. The holy land Nepal, whose winds are also filled with charms and chants is also said to be the birthplace of Gautam Buddha (prince Siddhartha of the Sakya clan), the founder of Buddhism. Nepal is the home to the tallest mountain of the world Mt. Everest and 8 out of the other 10 tallest mountains. The country has no automobile industry leading to less pollution and traffic jams in the lanes of Nepal cities. In the slippery hills, sturdy nimble footed porters carrying loads heavier than themselves across miles can still be found. Nepal recently was declared a republic and has abolished the monarchy. The ethnic groups of Nepal are classified into five main categories: Hindu groups, Newars, the ethnic groups or janajati, Muslims and Others.

Annapurna area, Everest and Langtang regions of Nepal are visited by more than 101,320 trekkers every year. Rafting trips for all levels of experience leave from Kathmandu and Pokhara on rivers such as Bhote Koshi and Sun Koshi. Biking routes through hills and highways of Nepal lanes, one of the best biking roads in the world is exciting and many a times challenging event. April to June is the best time for biking and mountain expedition in Nepal.

Large varieties of flora and fauna have their homes in the plains of Nepal’s Terai, sub tropical forests at the foot of the lower Himalayas. There are some species that survive and thrive even in the upper northern regions of Himalayas like yaks, lichens, snow leopard, "the abominable snowman", sundry mendicants. National park of Nepal such as Chitwan National Park offers it tourist elephant rides, jungle canoeing, and eco tours, bird watching, with exciting tiger and rhino-viewing. There are also 2-3 days lasting Full Moon Trance Parties held at "The Last Resort", near the Tibetan border. The national meal of Nepal is daal bhaat tarkaari. It is spiced lentils poured over cooked rice, and served with tarkari: vegetables like potatoes, mustard greens, green beans, tomatoes, daikon radish, cauliflower, etc cooked with spices.

Nepal makes up a perfect tourist place having mountains and massifs, furious rivers, antic temples and palaces, tough trekking trails and wildlife safaris to lure the tourist. Tourist from most of counteries can acquire there multiple entry visas arriving at the land borders or at the airports in Kathmandu at very low cost that is for 15 days pay US$25, for 30 days US$40, for 90 days pay US$100.

The top places to visit in this country are:

  1. Kathmandu
  2. Bhaktapur
  3. Biratnagar
  4. Birgunj
  5. Janakpur
  6. Namche Bazaar
  7. Nepalgunj
  8. Patan
  9. Pokhara

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