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Aug 31, 2016

Adventure Activities in Nepal

Nepal is a gem that is still being discovered by travelers, thrill seekers and spiritualists from all over the world. The country offers nature in its most pristine and untouched form. The way it was meant to be seen.

We are talking mainly about the Himalayas. The soaring peaks that seem to be expanding by the day await thrill seekers to try out their physical and mental limits. Nepal is home to the highest peaks and the deepest gorge, a true paradise for adventure. Here is a list of activities that we think you'd love to try out:


Nepal sits in the laps of 8 of the highest peaks in the world. With some of the most demanding mountaineering routes, climbers await in anticipation of ideal seasons to climb to the peak of their choice with prior approval from the MoTCA. Ask us more about this.

White Water Rafting

If water sports is your thing, Nepal is your destination. The country offers numerous water sport activities such as white water rafting, casual kayaking through calm waters in lush forests and adventure water sports at the sandy beaches. The presence of different terrains and types of water bodies enables adventurers of all levels of experience to enjoy their preferred water activity. The mighty Himalayas let down a range of white water trails that are demanding and rewarding, enjoyed by visitors from all over the globe.


Trekking in Nepal was first commercialised by Col Jimmy Roberts in the 60s. From then on, the trekking scene in Nepal has evolved to welcome trekkers of all levels of experience. From first timers to seasonal pros, the trails are all inclusive for adventurers of all types.

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Zip Flying

What you saw as a children's ride in some parks has been magnified to greatest extents for thrill seekers who visit Nepal. The country boasts a 1.8 km long zip line that can send you tearing through the Himalayan breeze at 140 km/hr.

Traditional Crafts Once your appetite for thrill seeking has been satisfied, there lie several opportunities for visitors to learn the local crafts such as pottery, stone masonry, woodcarving and much more under the friendly guidance from experienced locals.

Bungee Jumping

You know that it is serious business when NZ based bungee consultants set up the perfect leap for your faith in Nepal. Buckle in for a fall that you have never imagined in your wildest dreams at the border of Nepal and Tibet in Tatopani.

Mountain Biking

Biking on the trails in the Himalayas is an experience that is quite literally above it all. With spectacular sights, joyous locals greeting you along the way and exciting patches for thrill seekers, the biking only stops with the setting sun.

Mountain Flights

In addition to activities like paragliding, hand-gliding and the like, Nepal offers mountain flights. These flights start from the Kathmandu airport in small planes that give you an eye level view of the Mt. Everest peak. There really isn't anything more breathtaking. Most importantly, the planes are designed in such a way that each passenger is guaranteed a window seat.

Buddha Travel is happy to provide intricate details about the above mentioned activities and more. Nepal, truly is a country that you cannot miss in this life time.

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