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Melbourne to Kathmandu

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CHINA SOUTHERN:- from AUD 855.00*(Return fare, Inc. taxes)       
MALAYSIA AIRLINES:- from AUD 1145.00* (RETURN FARE, inc. taxes)   
SINGAPORE AIR:- from AUD 1115.00* (RETURN FARE, inc. taxes)   
THAI AIRWAYS:- from AUD 1115.00* (RETURN FARE, inc. taxes)   
CATHAY PACIFIC:- from AUD 1099.00* (RETURN FARE, inc. taxes)   

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Kathmandu stands to be is the capital and largest city Nepal, and is even the namesake of the Kathmandu Valley. Once considered as the epic and unreachable Shangri-La, it is now a center for autonomous travelers. It serves as an excellent vacation spot suiting all budget types. Owing to a substantial urban growth that took place in the recent decades, it is at present a part of one incessant urban area along with Patan to the south. 

The place has great historical significance and has several legendary tales associated with its origin and existence in the past. It is believed that the city of Kathmandu was ruled by many ancient civilizations, of which the extracts of a few were excavated some time back. Other than history, the place is even blessed with natural and scenic beauties. And as it falls under a standard budget, people just love visiting it for vacation with families and friends. 

The Climate 

The city usually has a climate with warm days shadowed by cool nights and mornings. Random weather is expected with temperatures dropping to 3 °C (37 °F) during the winter. Rainfall is monsoon-based and happens in the months of June to August. 


The antique and sophisticated traditional culture of the city, is a continuous and incomparable convention of the Hindu and Buddhist philosophy practiced by its extremely spiritual people. It has also incorporated in its fold the cultural assortment provided by the other beliefs such as Christianity, Jainism, and Islam. The prehistoric trade route between India and Tibet which passed via Kathmandu allowed blend of creative and architectural traditions of other cultures to be merged with local architectural and inventive culture. 

Flights from Melbourne to Kathmandu 

Tribhuvan International Airport 

This is the only international airport to be found in Nepal. Most flights to Kathmandu reach the destination via Delhi, the gulf countries including of UAE Qatar, and progressively Bahrain, or Bangkok. You will get all the major airlines to travel to Kathmandu.

Facilities at the Airport

Foreign Exchange 

There is one bank counter situated at the departure lounge and three at the arrival area. Transactions take place on the basis of the professed amount by the traveler and the currencies acceptable by the government established on the day's money exchange rate. 


As soon as you step out of the arrival gate, you can avail the pre-paid taxi service and if you want the payment for the same can be made in advance too. The rates are made evident as they are displayed on the panel for your security.

Nepal Tourism Board Information Counter

You can obtain information on various topics related to tourism. At the HAN; Hotel Association of Nepal Counter: you can book for any hotel of your choice. You can even collect pamphlets, and other important materials on tourism. You will even be offered free copies of "Nepal Traveler", an enlightening magazine equipped with all needed information about Nepal.


Other than these primary facilities, you get all the basic amenities like food, drinking water, medical aid and also internet services.


There are many prominent travel agencies like Blue Mountain Car Rental Services, Nepal Trailblazer etc. which provide budget and luxurious car rentals and help you explore the city at your level of comfort.  


The city has cheap and affordable bus services to nearly all the parts of Nepal. However, poor roads and frequent delays have made buses the lesser chosen options amongst the travelers. 

Auto-rickshaw & Taxi

If you don’t wish to travel in the buses, you can pick for taxis and rickshaw which are available in adequate amount.  

There are a lot of places in the city that will for captivate you on your trip from Melbourne to Kathmandu. Here watch out a couple of interesting places:

Swayambhu: It is a large stupa, extremely respected in Nepal, and is also one of the most sanctified Buddhist sites here. It also offers abundant views of the city. 

Boudha Stupa in Boudha: It is also one among the holiest sites for Tibetan Buddhism. Once here, you just can’t afford to miss watching it.

Narayanhiti Palace Museum: Once a Royal palace, it was then turned partly into a Museum and the Foreign Ministry officially in 2009. You can visit the grand Halls of the chief building of the palace.

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